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Bulk Solid Storage

FUSION® silos with the hard, inert finish offered by Glass-Fused-to-Steel (GFS) have exceptional resistance to abrasion and present a hygienic, low friction surface to the stored product. Some of the bulk storage applications include:

  • Food production silos
  • Coal silos
  • Carbon black silos
  • Fishmeal silos
  • Limestone silos
  • Powders silos
  • Plastics silos
  • Road salt silos
  • Soya meal silos
  • Grains or other whole or milled food stuffs silos

The designs of the silos are tailored to suit specific material properties and allow for a range of loading (filling) and unloading (discharge) systems.   They also can incorporate roofs, cones and connections for pipework or sensors.

For further information on projects in your area, please contact your local Distributor or sales@fusiontanks.com