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The modular tank system allows very rapid installation when compared to traditional concrete or welded tank construction.  The structures supplied by Fusion’s Distributors are installed in accordance with detailed construction guides by trained crews to give rapid and high quality completion onsite.

The tanks and silos are each supplied as a complete kit of components ready for assembly.  The kit design includes features to ensure that the build can take place in the optimum time and be “right first time”.

At the bottom, the tanks are usually designed to be mounted on prepared concrete foundations.  However FUSION® tanks can include Glass-Fused-to-Steel floors where required.   

This modular bolted system gives the flexibility of construction techniques to suit local conditions.  For example, tanks and silos can be built with a jacking system which allows the build work to be carried out at ground level, giving build time benefits and crew safety benefits.

See video of installation of a FUSION® Tank